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Agricultural Insurance

Challenge Group has significant experience and extensive expertise in this field, which gives us the ability to manage all the requirements of complex agricultural risks. By developing tailored insurance programmes for each client, we can offer complete support for insurance contracts and control over loss adjustment by the insurance company.

When selecting an insurance carrier, our specialists don't just consider the price and parameters of insurance coverage, they evaluate the internal processes of insurance companies, such as reinsurance protection and the practices regarding loss payment. This helps ensure we select qualified and reliable insurers, who offer a professional and timely settlement of loss.

With input from our own appraisal company, we can carry out pre-underwriting analysis, control of insured risks and professional surveys of crops and livestock. We can also determine the nature of damage and the circumstances of an insurance event, so we can produce expert opinion.

A unique feature of Challenge Group is that we are not limited to providing traditional insurance contract support. We can also offer a wide range of alternative risk management support, including index-linked insurance of agricultural risks. In addition, we are active in offering captive company solutions, which are effective for crops and livestock portfolios.

Our goal is to provide each client with an efficient and high-quality insurance solution that is the best fit for their specific situation.

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Agricultural Insurance
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