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Forest insurance

Challenge Group is the leading broker for insurance/reinsurance of forestry risks in Russia. We have extensive expertise in this class of business, which allows us to offer our clients and partners a full range of services – from appraisal to risk reinsurance (including support during the effective period of an insurance contract) and loss settlement when required. Our in-house specialists can assist with expert reviews of forest resources, verification of the level of risk management carried out by the insured and appraising activities in the case of loss. The range of services we provide include:

Assistance when contracting for insurance:

  • collecting and analysing requisite risk information
  • helping in risk valuation
  • helping with the provision of statistical information

Expert evaluation:

  • measuring the status of forest resources (assessment of forest composition, age and size conformance to stated territory)
  • evaluating measures aimed at management of forest resources, fire safety, pest management and so on
  • checking potential loss


  • preparing all information required for risk reinsurance
  • putting together an optimum reinsurance structure for each specific risk
  • collecting and collating risk quotations (Continental Europe, London)
  • preparing contract documentation
  • managing reinsurance contracts throughout the effective period

Assistance in the settlement of losses:

  • carrying out loss assessment
  • carrying out loss valuation

By choosing Challenge Group, you are accessing a reliable partner who can create a comprehensive solution guaranteeing optimum terms of reinsurance and high-standard management through all phases of the contract.

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