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Livestock insurance

Challenge Group has extensive experience in preparing and concluding livestock insurance contracts for cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and poultry. Our approach starts with in-depth risk analysis and subsequent coverage recommendations. As well as the risks of disease (infectious, invasive and non-contagious) and other standard risks (fire, natural disaster and so on), we are able to arrange additional coverage for:

  • Interruption of production (caused by death or loss of insured livestock) where expenditures for carrying on business or loss of profits are reimbursed – either automatically or at the submission of confirmation documents
  • Carriage/transportation of livestock including sea, air or railway transport
  • The costs of removing animal carcasses on an insured event that has entailed the animals’ death
  • Compensation of the cost for disinfection which is required after the infectious diseases

While an insurance contract is being negotiated, our specialists perform independent inspections and prepare an expert report on the status of the livestock and their housing. This allows us to simplify the process and reduce the period of insurance contract negotiations, as well as obtaining a competitive price for the insurance policy and/or improved coverage conditions.

In the event of a loss, our experts and professional appraisers can visit the place where it happened and, in parallel with the insurance company, conduct an expert review and assessment of damage. We can also help with measures aimed at damage mitigation. Based on the prepared reviews, we can follow-up with the insurance carrier and protect a client’s interests up to payment of the agreed indemnity.

Challenge Group strives to protect its clients' interests and ensure a high-standard of support for livestock insurance contracts through every phase. Our goal is to prove that insurance is an effective and extremely efficient way of managing risk that reliably protects your business.

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