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Assessment & Appraisal

Challenge Group created an assessment/consultant company to give comprehensive support to our clients in the fields of insurance and reinsurance.

Challenge Group Appraisal Ltd has been supporting all Challenge Group’s activities that involve obtaining and efficiently using information about risk exposures. This helps ensure the optimal insurance/reinsurance conditions for our clients.

In addition, this expert company is responsible for a number of services that are integral to the provision of professional support to Challenge Group’s partners. These include:

  • Pre-insurance due diligence
  • Monitoring and control over insured risks
  • Investigation into the causes of damage
  • Appraisal of damages within the scope of the programmes managed by the Group's brokerage companies

The company has a number of highly skilled appraisers and experts – many of whom have academic degrees and over 25 years' experience in relevant areas.

When working with large forest or agricultural sites, we can also enhance our service by using a drone plane equipped with an HD camera. This supports the analysis and qualitative assessment carried out by the company’s experts.

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