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Agricultural expertise & assessment

Challenge Group Appraisal Ltd provides the following independent expert services for agricultural and forest risk management:

  • Pre-insurance expert review of crops, livestock and forest resources
  • Expert review of crop cultivation technology adopted by a farm
  • Identification of the condition of plants and the degree of development
  • Identification of the causes of crop, livestock and forest resource loss
  • Determination of the biological yield of crops
  • Calculation of loss caused by crop shortfall
  • Determination of the cause of livestock loss and appraisal of the costs sustained as a result

Our experts use a range of equipment to support these services, including:

  • Automatic soil feelers Wintex 1000 (Wintex Agro ApS) and N 2005 (Bodenprobetechnik Nietfeld GmbH) for agrochemical surveys
  • Spectrophotometric laboratory Lasa Agro 2800 Mobile licensed by EU.
  • High-precision DGPS-GLONASS navigation equipment kits with positioning accuracy of 10-20 cm.

In collaboration with leading agricultural research institutes, particularly in the conduct of expert analysis, we use laboratories for chemical analysis of soils and crop products. This helps us identify the causes of deviations in plant development and the degree of compliance with agrotechnical practices in crop growing.

With extensive expertise, knowledgeable specialists and the latest equipment, Challenge Group strives to provide its clients with high-standard expert reviews, appraisals, consulting and support.

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