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Captive Solutions

We would like to introduce you to some of the opportunities available via our Alternative Risk Programs. The number of companies looking for alternative forms of risk management and tools for their implementation has increased in recent years. We believe that one of the most flexible and effective options in this respect still remains using a “Captive”.

In a nut-shell a Captive is a closely held insurance company whose insurance business is primarily supplied by and controlled by its owners, and in which the original insureds are the beneficiaries. The use of Captives is widely accepted around the world. More than 50% of the largest companies of the Fortune 500 have at least one captive.

The key feature of Challenge Group is that we specialise in the development of Captive programs taking into account the specifics of legislation and practical experience of the local market. Using a Captive gives a unique opportunity to create an effective and marketable business structure.

Our services are not limited just to Captive formation and licensing because we believe that the success of any Captive depends on professional on-going management. A key element of our service is to fully support our clients after the Captive is created and therefore we can also develop tailored reinsurance strategies and risk management programs alongside carrying out the functions of being your captive’s: underwriters, actuaries, tax and investment advisers etc.

Furthermore Challenge Group owns a special structure “Master Captive” which allows us to create captive companies (Subsidiary Rent-a-Captive/Cells) within a short period of time. The cells carry on their activity with separate licenses, assets and bank accounts but at the same time using the working capital and administrative resources of the Master Captive.

As well as captive formation and management you will also gain access to our “fronting arrangements” with both insurance companies and with highly rated international reinsurance companies. If you need “fronting” our partners will insure/reinsure your risks first and then cede them to your captive.

With the reliable advice of our highly qualified underwriters, actuaries, insurance and reinsurance consultants you can always count on a professionally created and effectively functioning captive which will easily integrate into your business structure.

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