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The operation of our Rent-a-Captive program is similar in nature to the operation of a Captive Insurance Company, but instead of having to become involved in the complicated process of incorporation and licensing of your own Captive and therefore significant cost and capital requirements, you will have instant access to an already operating, professionally managed company.  

Challenge Group owns a special structure “Master Captive” which allows us to create captive companies (Subsidiary Rent-a-Captive/Cell) within a short period of time. The cells carry on their activity with separate licenses, assets and bank accounts but at the same time using the working capital and administrative resource of the Master Captive. 

Another important element is that all companies (cells) created in this structure, are legally separated from each other which means that there is no pooling of risks between them and each cell is protected from another cell’s loss experience. 

Our Master Captive, ARS Captive Insurance Corporation, operates in Malaysia which allows our clients to work with one of the most quickly developing economies of the South-East Asia region, close to such world financial centers as Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta. Moreover Malaysia has concluded double tax treaties with more than 70 countries giving unique opportunities for investment projects.

Our program Rent-a-Captive operates as follows:

  • You sign an agreement with Challenge Group and we then analyze your company’s activity after which we will develop a captive program for further incorporation and licensing of the cell.   
  • As soon as your cell is launched it will be ready to work as a single parent captive which means that you can transfer risks and pay premiums to your cell directly or through a fronting company, as the case may be.
  • From the beginning of the cell’s activity till the moment of its liquidation Challenge Group arranges all administrative issues in respect of your cell, and if you need – reinsurance cover, claims settlement and fronting facilities.

The scheme below shows a typical operational process of Rent-a-Captive program:

A Rent-a-Captive Program is an effective risk financing vehicle and provides all the advantages of a Captive. At the same time it will allow you: 

  • to reduce the term of licensing to two weeks;
  • to make maximal use of our long-term experience and professional support in all aspects of captive management;
  • to benefit from Malaysian advantages for successful investment activity;
  • to liquidate captive/cell quickly and easily if there is no need for its further functioning;
  • to avoid payment of the authorized capital.

Please contact our experts for further detailed discussion of the many benefits of a Rent-a-Captive program which can be designed exactly to meet your business requirements.

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