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Management in Labuan

Challenge Group has established itself as a specialist underwriting manager in Labuan, Malaysia.

We manage and represent insurance and reinsurance companies, including captive insurers registered in Labuan. Our experience, knowledge and understanding of the international insurance and reinsurance industry ensure we are fully equipped to facilitate the requirements of our clients in the areas of:

a) License application

b) General administration and management services

c) Underwriting support

d) Claims management

e) Actuarial services, risk analysis and profiling

f) Corporate governance

g) Dispute resolution

h) International consultancy

i) Compliance function delegation

Our aim is to be a productive and proactive underwriting manager, by providing our clients with the most efficient services at the most cost-effective terms – not just in Labuan or Asia, but wherever Challenge Group is represented. We are active in Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Europe, with strong links to local markets.

Our team will be happy to offer our clients marketing and legal support in these regions. In particular, we can help with a wide range of marketing requirements, such as:

  • arranging for meetings with key market participants
  • providing and supporting logistics requirements
  • enabling discussions on the client's behalf, particularly in relation to technical matters involving claims and underwriting
  • organizing small conferences, functions and so on

Thanks to a combination of local knowledge, presence and a good working relationship with the authorities and relevant service providers, we can ensure our proposals are simple to implement and attractive for our clients. We are convinced there will be more and more opportunities for us to provide support and work with our clients to strengthen their business development strategies.

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