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Yen-Yi Goh representing Challenge Group Inc., Malaysia, attended the 3rd SCI-CII-Lloyd’s Asia Forum held at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore from 18 to 19 August 2014. The main purpose of the Forum was to raise awareness and technical competencies of the young brokers and underwriters in...
Following US and EU sanctions imposed after the Russian annexation of Crimea, Russia implemented its own sanctions, banning food import from the USA, Canada, EU, Norway and Australia. The order came into force 6 August and will have a duration of 12 months. All major food groups are covered under...
Challenge Group Underwriters and Managers (L) Inc. (CGUM) received an approval from Labuan FSA to conduct Compliance Function services. Now, CGUM can provide outsourced compliance function to all Labuan re/insurance companies and is not restricted to its management clients.
The IMF and World Bank were created as part of the post second world war consensus to help reconstruct global financial systems, promote the financial stability of sovereign nations and fund development programs. Voting power at the IMF is allocated on a quota basis reflecting each nations GDP. The...
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