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This October Elena Bredikhina and Alexander Kursinov from Challenge Group have seized the opportunity at the FIDES 2015 conference to extend our presence in the Latin American market. The focus of the event was to discuss how the market can deal with the economic slowdown in the region and...
The current political and macroeconomic situation in Russia has affected all business sectors, forcing companies to adjust their business models and profit expectations. However, things are not as gloomy as they might seem. The RAEX (rating agency) research identified that the 600 largest national...
On 30th of September Challenge Group sponsored one of International Underwriting Association’s (IUA) one day seminars, held in London. Industry speakers have expressed their view points on the following current market issues:
The issue of underinsurance affect the property sector hardest, both households and commercial property. It has been calculated that about 80% of commercial properties are underinsured. According to the recent Swiss Re report, cumulative damage to property worldwide resulting from Nat Cat during...