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The easing of the sanctions regime agreed under the comprehensive joint plan of action agreed on 14th July 2015 will have a tremendous effect on the Iranian energy industry and present considerable opportunities for foreign investment and business development. As part of the recent agreement of...
The (re)insurance industry is preparing for another busy “conference season”.  This year, Challenge Group is planning to cover larger geographical grounds, including conferences in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Apart from the traditional meetings in Monte Carlo in...
Charles Catt, CEO of Challenge Group: “I am pleased to announce that on 26 June 2015 Challenge Group Brokers (UK) Limited celebrated the first anniversary of having become a Lloyd’s broker. It has been an important year for the whole Group during which we have expanded the scope of...
On 22-23 June, the Chairman of Challenge Group, Charles Catt attended International Insurance Forum-2015 in Munich, Germany. This year the Forum’s topic was “Property insurance in a Stormy Era”.