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Challenge Group is delighted to announce that its UK subsidiary Challenge Group Brokers (UK) Limited has been approved as a Lloyd’s broker.  CEO Charles Catt commented “We are very pleased with this news.  As a Lloyd’s broker, the markets we can access on behalf of our...
2014 proved to be a difficult year for commodity-driven economies, including Malaysia, which is Asia’s major oil exporter. In less than a year, oil prices have halved, damaging Malaysian public revenues and influencing depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit. However, is it going become a...
On 23 March in a press conference it was announced, by the head of insurance department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, that the Central Bank will reconsider the concept of participating in the national reinsurance market. The question will be reopened for discussion in May 2015....
Challenge’s London office was delighted to be able to host some of its friends at a banquet held in London’s Guildhall. The banquet was organized by the Langbourn Ward Club. 
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