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George Lavrishchev from “Challenge Group – Insurance consultants and brokers” has attended 8th India Rendezvous, which took place on 21-23 January in Mumbai, India. The event was organised by GIC Re and Asia Insurance Review.
On the 13th of January, Challenge Group was delighted to host an Old New Year 2015 party at the Broker’s Wine Bar in London. In Russia up until 1919 New Year was celebrated according to the Julian calendar and fell on the night from 13th to 14th of January of the Gregorian calendar we use...
On 12-13 November Ahmed Farouk Aripen from Challenge Group Underwriters and Managers (CGUM) attended this year’s Takaful Rendezvous in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Due to the recent economic sanctions imposed on Russia, many businesses are experiencing difficulties accessing Western markets.  The reinsurance market is no exception. Russian market has always been over relying on capacity of the leading European reinsurance companies. One of the proposed...