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Reinsurance Broking

Challenge Group provides consulting services for actuarial analysis, alternative risk management and the development of international business. This gives us many opportunities for complex analysis and the creation of reinsurance solutions.

We use the unique experience and knowledge of our team – as well as our stable and wide-ranging links with the insurance and reinsurance markets – to provide competitive terms and conditions for your reinsurance requirements. Our key goal is to obtain qualitative and effective coverage in line with your requirements.

Depending on the nature and complexity of the risk, Challenge Group can effect placement of your reinsurance requirements in a range of markets, including those of continental Europe, Lloyds, North America, Bermuda, South-East Asia, India and the Middle East.

We believe that one of the main advantages of our service is that we can also offer our clients access to the alternative markets of Eastern Europe and Russia. This access is particularly relevant at the moment, as the market is competitive but starting to harden. It allows us to achieve the most favorable rates and optimal conditions for reinsurance.

In our opinion, the provision of an intelligently constructed, reliable and fairly priced reinsurance product is the most important broker service we can offer. We also believe it is absolutely necessary to develop and promote international programmes and products in order to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs in the use of alternative risk transfer.

As an example, if it is not possible for an insurer to meet the needs of its clients in a particular country where they operate (for example, it may not have the required license for some lines of business or there could be certain local rating requirements), a fronting arrangement may be necessary. Challenge Group possesses special tools and long-standing arrangements with stable and reliable companies to solve these problems in a professional and prompt manner.

We are eager to introduce our clients to all the opportunities and innovations that are offered by the international reinsurance market, so we can provide them with an individual approach for even the most non-standard and challenging projects.

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